Farm Hand Regions


The Monash and the McLaren Vale:

South Australia is a vast network of wine regions with some lesser known like the mighty Monash and some etched into the public consciousness like the McLaren Vale. The Monash is part of the Riverland region – a vast swathe of vineyards that are inland of South Australia and play a large part of supplying grapes to the Australian wine industry. The Monash Valley is where our grower and winemaker Con Greg Grigoriou hails from and grows organic grapes on his vineyard for a number of years. 

The McLaren Vale needs little introduction as one of the most celebrated and loved regions of South Australia. It is here where we source the grape for our Farm hand One of a Kind Shiraz and Sangiovese, working with established growers and vineyards to lend us the quality, we need to make premium organic wine. The Vale is an enviable region thanks to its proximity to the sea and is blessed with a maritime climate that see’s hot days and cool breezes at night. The region is famous for its distinctive red wines, particularly Shiraz and Grenache, but it also has become a beacon of quality for alternative varieties. It’s a rich tapestry of vineyards nestled in picturesque landscape, all framed by an iconic coastline that makes it one of the world’s most memorable wine regions to visit.   


McLaren Vale and Monash Valley