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"In France, rosés are particularly common in warmer, southern regions where there is local demand for a dry refreshing enough to be drunk on a hot summers day but still bears some relation to the red wine so revered by the French. Provence is the region most famous for it's rosé ... in the greater southern Rhone (especially Tavel), the Languedoc and Roussilon, rosés are at least as common as white wines... ”
Source: Jancis Robinson, The Oxford Companion To WINE, Third Edition


Bertaine Rosé (12pk)

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Rosé (12pk) $228.00 Add to Cart Add  
Children Of The Revolution Rosé (6pk)
Farm Hand Rosé (6pk)
Hello! Rosé (6pk)

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Rosé (6pk) $84.00 Add to Cart Add  
Hero Of Zero Rosé (6pk)
Le Chat Noir Rosé (12pk)
No Evil Rosé (6pk)

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Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Rosé (6pk)

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Zero Alcohol Rosé (6pk) $90.00 Add to Cart Add  
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Rosé (6pk)
Take It To The Grave Rosé (6pk)
Tread Softly Rose (6pk)
Tread Softly Yarra Valley Rose (6pk)

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Yarra Valley Rose (6pk) $132.00 Add to Cart Add  
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