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Vina Muriel
Vina Muriel

"It is a superior class in terms of the production concept: with these wines we attempt to enhance Rioja’s wine making tradition, the work in the winery, while being respectful with the steps that we have learnt from history. These wines have wisdom, they are grand wines, and where dignity is considered of great importance.

Class is the main hallmark. Referring to both the process and its consumption, which tends to be more reserved and exclusive, with a hint of both ritual and confirmation that great wines require."  Julian Murúa

Vina Muriel Bodegas Muriel ‘’Fincas de la Villa’’ Rioja Reserva (6pk)

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Bodegas Muriel ‘’Fincas de la Villa’’ Rioja Reserva (6pk) $168.00 Add to Cart Add  
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