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The Bare Touch
The Bare Touch


The Bare Touch wines are made by Cowpunk winemaker Aaron Mercer using early picked grapes, free run juice and a “hands off” non-intervention approach. The grapes are naturally lower in alcohol and with far less skin contact than a traditional red wine, the free run juice is bright and vibrant with significantly lower tannins.

The hands off wine-making approach allows the fruit to express itself fully whilst building complexity. The result is a range of fresh and elegant wines with a sleek, supple mouthfeel that are perfect to be served with a moderate chill or straight from the fridge.

The Bare Touch Buzzy Bare Shiraz (6pk)

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Buzzy Bare Shiraz (6pk) $102.00 Add to Cart Add  
The Bare Touch Plump Bare Grenache (6pk)

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Plump Bare Grenache (6pk) $102.00 Add to Cart Add  
The Bare Touch Slinky Bare Pinot Noir (6pk)

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Slinky Bare Pinot Noir (6pk) $102.00 Add to Cart Add  
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