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By  Milly Lambert
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Who is Fourth Wave Wine?

It’s a good question and one we hear quite often; if you have see any of the following labels in bottle shops, you will know we had a part in creating these extremely popular wine brands. We are talking about Little Giant, Elephant in the Room, Take it to the Grave and Tread Softly. All created by us. I guess you could say we are the antithesis of a traditional winery or wine company. We don’t own a winery, we don’t own vineyards and yet we have created some of Australia’s most popular wines. 

You could say we are wine creators, enablers and marketers. Creating innovative wines that strike a chord with the contemporary drinker. 

It all begins with the idea. We think big and deliver on our promise. We are firm believers in having a go and trusting our market-led instincts to provide consumers with wines that are great looking and taste even better. Fourth Wave are pioneers of the wine industry, forward thinking and full of innovation to create a selection of great tasting wines that always over-deliver. 


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