Sartori Amarone Corte Bra 2011

7th April 2020
Very good... 93 Points

"I tasted this at the winery in August 2018, pre-release I suspect, as the 2010 was the current release. A flash flood had gone through the winery, and there was water and debris everywhere. Earlier that day we noticed all sorts of rubbish and muck streaming down the Adige river, and thought, wow, that’s a bit interesting! Anyway, re-tasting it again, near two years on, at home. Amarone is the old ‘vino da meditazione’, something to drink after a meal with appropriate food and a groaning stomach. I’m recycling my note from 2018, with a little bit of extra input. I think I got it right back then. Importer: Fourth Wave Wine.
Dark chocolate, vanilla, some sweet spice and perfume, ripe black cherry, mint. Full bodied, well-rounded, sweet uptake of fruit, almond and dried herb, plenty of savoury tobacco flavour and tannin to close, and excellent length. Acidity is fresh, and cuts through the warmth and succulence of fruit. Very good."


Rated: 93 Points

Source: Gary Walsh,, April 2020


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