Burns and Fuller Chardonnay 2019

8th April 2020
Peach and popcorn

"I don’t know who Burns & Fuller are, but they sound like they are either a) an accountancy firm or b) magicians or c) a comedic duo or d) a figment of wine supremo marketing genius Nic Crampton’s imagination. Who knows?

Peach and popcorn plus a little cedar spice and vanilla. It’s fairly soft, vanilla and peach, light acidity, some butter in the mix, some green herbs, and again a quiet peach and cream finish. It’s a bit gluggy, but it does taste like Chardonnay, albeit a somewhat anachronistic example. It needs a jolly good chill to get the best out of it, though I’m sure it will find an appreciative audience..."


Source: Gary Walsh, www.winefront.com.au, April 2020

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