Hello! Rosé 2020

6th October 2020
Hello! 2020 Very Friendly Rose... 4 Stars

"This grenache-shiraz mix rose is one of a new batch of $14 vegan-friendly wines that include a 2020 pinot grigio, 2019 pinot noir and 2020 shiraz from the Fourth Wave portfolio of the Newcastle-based husband and wife team of Frances and Nicholas Crampton. Vegan-friendly means the wines have been made without any of the commonly employed animal-derived products, such as eggwhites, casein (milk protein), gelatin (beef collagen) and isinglass (fish bladders). The rose has 12.5% alcohol and is blush pink and jelly bean-scented. The front palate shows crisp strawberry flavour, the middle palate apple, blood orange and gunmetal elements and a flinty acid finish. At bottle shops and fourthwave.com.au. Drink now with pesto and toasted pine nuts."


Rated: 4 Stars

Source: John Lewis, Newcastle Herald's 'Beer & Wine', October 2020


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