Gattonero Pinot Grigio 2015

21st December 2017
Uncomplicated and thirst crushing stuff...

"Foraged from a regional BWS store, out of interest, and because the label jumped out at me. Swivel the bottle around… it’s Fourth Wave wine importers again. They sure do know how to pull off attractive packaging. This is pinot grigio from Veneto. Feels like a My First ABC of grigio, from it’s heartland, the north east of Italy... Crisp and crunchy, light to the point of almost being dilute. Offers a touch of grassiness, grapefruity zing, a little bit of pear and green apple. It’s easy to like, uncomplicated and thirst crushing stuff. Not much more to add, aside that it feels pretty good to drink at near freezing. Well priced for those moments you need a please-all kind of wine."


Source: Mike Bennie,

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