Giant Food and Wine

The Little Giant wines are obvious candidates for a whole host of food and wine matching possibilities, lending them to some obvious matches to take your food and wine enhancement to the next level.



Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris is a richer, fuller style and lends itself to a variety of dishes, but key matches would be light fish dishes like Crudos or carpaccio’s, even a chicken liver parfait. One of the best combos would have to be a crispy pork belly as the flavour profile of apple and pear in the Pinot Gris provides harmony and enough acidity to cut through the fat.


Pinot Noir

Historically and almost stereotypically, Pinot Noir has always been lumbered with duck. But like all great partnerships in life, some things just work. There is a natural affinity between a crispy duck and the elegant, silky structure of Pinot Noir with its cleansing acid structure. Try also with other game birds, pork or even better a mushroom risotto with its latent earthiness. 



Big, bold Shiraz likes nothing more to attach itself to pumped up flavours and often with big proteins too. The Little Giant is worthy of a big steak – preferably chargrilled on the barbecue with a heap of charred onions and perhaps a red wine gravy or jus if you want to be all Masterchef at home! Of course, it can go with more basic dishes like sausages and mash with an onion gravy, or if you are a vegetarian, stuffed mushroom with parmesan to help boost the umami factor.  



Grenache is a good all-rounder with its vibrant berry fruit profile and medium bodied structure. Grenache is versatile and perfectly adaptable to a variety of dishes but there are some obvious choices like Pork ribs in a smoky barbecue sauce, a mild Thai beef curry or even more robust fish dishes like Chargrilled Barramundi with Moroccan spices. 


Cabernet Sauvignon 

Known as the noble grape, there’s one obvious protein choice for Cabernet Sauvignon and that’s lamb. The tannins in Cabernet love the fat in lamb, throw in some mint and rosemary and you are in foodie heaven! Of course, Cabernet goes with other meats too - particularly beef - or you could try it with some hard cheeses like a mature cheddar.