Little Giant Regions


The Barossa:

The Barossa Valley is arguably Australia’s most famous wine region. Known as much for its old dry grown vineyards as it is the German butcher’s shops, with its unique range of small goods and a host of friendly warm locals that make it one of the most visited wine areas in Australia. The Barossa is famous for its long-lived red wines as well as Riesling, and makes wines that are idiosyncratic and expressive of the region. The Little Giant Cabernet, Grenache and Shiraz all point towards this historic region producing wines that are packed with flavour yet have a freshness and vitality about them that will ensure they quickly occupy a space in your wine collection. 


Adelaide Hills:

The rolling hills of Adelaide house some of the best vineyards in the country amidst a profusion of the best vineyard views, broken up by quaint German and English style townships that add character and enchantment to this beloved grape-growing region. The Adelaide makes some of the country’s finest dry white styles (think Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay) as well as prized reds such as Pinot Noir, Shiraz and even Nebbiolo. No wonder people get their wine thrills from the Hills.



Coonawarra is one of South Australia’s most prized wine regions. Known for its singular shape being that of a cigar. It’s a long flat stretch of soil that has produced some of Australia’s most prized and cellar worthy reds. Famed for its distinctive soil type of Terra Rossa soil over limestone, it makes wines that are unique, long-lived and delicious. It’s here that Cabernet Sauvignon rules supreme making wines that are bold, structured and laden with longevity. The Little Giant Cabernet plays homage to the region. Coonawarra’s ancient soils and moderate climate create a richly rewarding style with bright black fruits, hints of spice and savoury tannins.


Barossa Wine

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