Welcome to The The Road To Enlightenment

Through the years of winemaking experience and our overall enjoyment of wine, it appears the journey many of us undertook seemed to take similar shape. The wines that were made and we enjoyed back then are not necessarily the same as what we get excited about today. Although many of the varieties are the same. 

The wines crafted for the Road to Enlightenment are the direct result of our journey of discovery that simply helped us find the evocative, easy-to-like and often seductive wines we now choose to enjoy. And really, for many of us, it has arrived to us in the simple idea of better wines having better balance. 

Road to Enlightenment is a range of classic, regional and varietally expressive wines seeking to be full flavoured, full of character and exceptionally drinkable. Wines of the past that were too overt in fruit, oak or weight is where we began, the balanced, fresh and vibrant wines of Road to Enlightenment is where we are headed.



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