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5 simple ways you can use less plastic with one of our Tread Softly Team.              Tread Spoftly AW Large     
1. Invest in a stainless steel or glass straw!
There are so many options out and about now - we have even found that at cafés and restaurants you can purchase them! Don’t stress - if you are out and about and disposable is your only option - you are human, but we highly recommend buying a pack and throwing one in the car, your bag and at home! So handy!

2. Introducing ZERO CO – coming in October. 

Refillable HOUSEHOLD items! No more single use plastics, a subscription where your refills are sent to you in pockets that you send back to be filled again (all inclusive in the subscription). They have made it super easy! Check them out and sign up before the crazy rush!




3. Reusable Bags

It’s been a bit of a ‘thing’ for a while now, but when you can use a reusable bag!? Keep some in the car, stash them in places! I find that I have the best intentions and then I’ll drop in to do a quick shop on the way home or something else pops up. Having a little stash of eco bags everywhere has saved me! 

      Tread Spoftly AW Large                               Bag


4. Nuts, Cereals, Flours and Bits and Bobs

Have you got a bulk food, source food provider in your area? Where you can fill reusable jars and home food storage containers? This is a really good initiative and you can purchase online too to stock up! 

I love these guys! Their washing powder is pretty phenomenal too:


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5. Keep your Jars and Repurpose them!

If you have the option to purchase food items in jars as opposed to plastics, do it! When you are finished, wash the jar thoroughly and it can be repurposed in so many ways. I personally use mine to store juices and make home made dips and hummus…YUM! 


Jars and bird and peonie