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Manchuela is famed as the finest vineyards in La Mancha, due to the intensity of flavour derived from the region's high altitude. Located in the foothills of the mountains in the far east of Castilla La Mancha, Manchuela’s moderate summer days and cold autumn nights result in elegant wines with intense flavours and nicely balanced structure and tannin.

Altacena was created by Riojan winemaker Javier Murua as an authentic expression of modern Spanish Tempranillo, balancing varietal structure and red berried flavours with an approachable character and versatility with food. Altacena translates as “High Plate” and refers to the very flat, high altitude plain on which the vineyard is located.

Altacena Tempranillo is the perfect companion to a wide range of charred meats or powerful flavours.



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