Welcome to Bumblebee

A vineyard full of bumblebees is a sign of healthy vines and flavoursome fruit. 

Our bees play a vital role in our ecosystem: contributing to around a third of the world’s crops with their pollination. 

However, the world’s population of bees is in sharp decline. Intensive farming practices, the use of agricultural chemicals, and global warming are all to blame. The decrease in their population poses a serious threat to human livelihood. To try to combat this problem, we’ve taken a ‘back to basics’ approach to farming – through cultivating our vines sustainably. Healthy crops mean happy bees… and happy bees mean flourishing fruit and delicious wine. 


Help us save the humble bumblebee!

If you see our little bees buzzing round the vines,
It means that we are right on track to making delicious wines.
Through a bit of healthy farming, we’re encouraging the bees,
To spend a bit more time, pollinating our crops and trees.
But we’re getting rather worried, we’re going to be succinct,
About our dear little bumblebee who soon could be extinct.  
He plays a vital role with his brilliant pollination,
Creating a third of all the food supplied unto our nations.
You see a vineyard full of life is a very good sign,
Of fruit that’s ripe and luscious, with strong and nourished vines.
So we’re getting back to basics, growing crops through natural faming,
To help our vines grow strong and look really rather charming.
With a little luck we hope to find that this plan just may
Encourage our little friend to flourish and surely stay.
Whilst tending to our vines and farming sustainably,
We plan to make delicious wine and save our honeybee!


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